Thursday, March 6, 2014

10m Contest

Wow, so this past weekend the airwaves were absolutely packed with "CQ Contest, CQ Contest," and I have to say I enjoyed my first time contesting.  I made contact with 17 different countries, as far away as Brazil and Ukraine.  The thrill of answering a CQ Contest call, and having the person recognize your call sign over the air: "KC9ZFI 5 9 K" is pretty cool; especially when you consider I was using a hand built wire antenna that is only like 15 feet in the air.  I might have even caught the contesting bug.  There are a couple contests coming up, and I plan to try to participate.

Here, take a look at my last 15 contacts:
KC9ZFI's Logbook

And here's the next contest I plan to try out:
Nauryz DX Contest 2014

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