Monday, March 10, 2014

Propagation can be interesting!

This weekend was definitely interesting, when talking about HF radio signal propagation.  Of course, I'm sure some of the ol'timers out there wouldn't think twice about what I experienced, but that's what is neat about Ham Radio, when you are new at it, everything is a neat experience.

I spent much of the weekend answering CQ calls and even sending a few myself.  The most prominent call I answered, was from Russia.  I even took a moment to say "Dobray Deyn" - and he ended the call with "Spaciba." - and then later on Saturday night, I was still on 10m's and calling CQ from I think 28.440 - and I got a few answers, one of which was making my first Canadian contact; and interestingly enough, I made a contact with someone who was only 10 miles away.   None-the-less, it was another exciting weekend on the radio.

I've got a lot to get done this week, as I study for the General Class exam, which is happening on Saturday at 9Am.  I've elected to use Dan Romanchick's No-Nonsense Study Guide, as well as an iPad based exam test study.  I'm hoping that these will prepare me well enough, since I'm not reading the real indepth stuff like Brandon (KD8VDX) is doing.  He purchased the exam study book from the ARRL, and will probably be better prepared than I am.  But hopefully we both pass it.

And then this morning, I submitted a request for a new Vanity Call Sign.  My KC9ZFI is kind of long, and seems to cause some trouble with people trying to copy it.  I submitted to get K1BBB - which I think should end up being a good call.  It's simple, straight forward, and I think should be easily copied.  Hopefully it goes through successfully.  That call has been available for a while, so I expect I'll get it.

I've also ordered some new parts for my radio, and will talk about those in the near future.


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